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Mike - In June of 2011, I was busy working and planning a trip back home to Creighton Sk. It wasn't my favorite place, but it was going to be a chance to get out and ride my new quad with some friends and hang out with my family. I had traveled to the area several times and had never seen or met Jenn before. During my first week there she was visiting family back home in Ontario. She later told me that during her visit home, she had several heartfelt conversations with her family and friends that had changed her and changed her outlook and goals about where she wanted to be and what she wanted to be doing. So, basically as I was coming up to Creighton she was already planning on leaving. Neither of knew that we would meet on July 2, at a fish fry social, their lives would change.

Jenn - It was a Saturday night and as I was single, had agreed to go to the social with friends. It wasn't the typical place for me as I don't drink or live a party lifestyle but it would be an opportunity to get out and have fun. Through mutual friends, Mike and I were introduced. At first we stood there and said nothing. Not a peep of a word, just smiling. Finally Mike broke the silence and asked about my tattoos!

Fast forward 6 months and one night while out with friends, the topic of engagements and marriage came up, as they had been recently married. Since I had been engaged one time before, I was adamant that I never wanted to experience that again and Mike was adamant that he didn't want a wedding with all the fuss and drama. Listening to our friends and sharing stories of experiences of weddings we had been at, it was clear that we were on the same page! I had no idea what Mike was up to...

Mike - A few days later I called Jenn and told her to "meet me at 5:30 across from the Bessborough at our favorite spot". I arranged a few of the necessary details beforehand and on Friday December 2 we met with a marriage commissioner and close friends and exchanged rings. I had picked out the ring with Jenn's father while he was in town from Ontario. Afterwards, we went to our favourite restaurant on Broadway, called "W" and had a treat from "Calories" as dessert later on.

Jenn - At first we were sort of nervous as to what our family and friends would say, but it was all for nothing. We were given nothing but best wishes and support from everyone. It really made us feel blessed and confirmed that we had indeed done the right thing and in the right way for us. However, I still wanted the wedding dress experience just without all the drama. I decided to ask Lisa to take our photos as we had been friends for a while and couldn't imagine anyone else working with us. We waited until February to take the photos as there was NO snow in December! Our photo day was like getting married twice, we'll never forget it and it was amazing to go at our pace, convenience and with no time limits!

Both - And now it's been 6 months of marital bliss. We wouldn't change a single thing. We spend our time traveling and taking day trips to new towns and cities, going to concerts, walking or riding our bikes along the beautiful trails across our city, cooking clean meals and working out together, discovering new hidden gems to have tea or ice cream at, checking out the local arts, theater, crafts and music festivals, and we make date nights are a priority in our house, we never do the same date twice! Mike is enjoying his career in the oil industry as a Supervisor and Jenn is enjoying her career as an Interpreter/Intervenor. We've both heard the saying, but it wasn't until this past year that it actually meant something, "What a difference a year can make!"

We hope you enjoy looking at a few of our pictures, almost as much as we enjoyed getting them done
Thank you to Lisa and all of our family and friends!!

Jenn and Mike's Love Story! Scroll each section to read their beautiful story!