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So excited to share Brittany and Dane’s beautiful intimate outdoor wedding! The girls started the day getting their hair done at The Mane Frame, and then everyone got ready at  Rocky View Lodge. The wedding was held at Millstream in Denare Beach, SK, and what a beautiful day it turned out to be! The girls looked stunning, the boys so handsome, and little Nova stole everyones hearts I am sure! So many favourite images to share!  The reception was held at Rocky View Lodge, supper was scrumptious and the dining room was decorated so lovely. Such a beautiful day it was, but how could it not be with such a beautiful couple!

Congrats again Brittany and Dane! Enjoy your sneak peek and I wish your little family all the best always!





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Katlynn {CCS Grad 2016}

June 17, 2016

“The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in Their Dreams”

Today is the big day! Creighton Community School Graduation 2016! So excited to share Katlynn’s Grad Sneak Peek today! Had so much fun! What a gorgeous dress and love the jewellery! Kaylynn looks just stunning! :)

Enjoy today and all the best in your future endeavours Katlynn!


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So excited to share this blog post with you, not only because its way past due to share, but that means my blog is up and running again! :)

This beautiful couple had a small “secret”  intimate wedding Thanksgiving weekend in their backyard! :) And the day turned out just gorgeous! We did our couple images first before the guests started to arrive to find they were there for a wedding! The ceremony was set up so beautifully, and was just perfect!

Sharing some favourites! Thank you again Stacey and Cody!!! I am so happy to have captured your special day, and wish you all the best always! :)


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Very excited to share this lovely couple’s wedding sneak peek! Sheri and Sean’s big day was a very beautiful intimate outdoor wedding at Bakers Narrows Lodge. We started with getting ready shots in the cabins and then had Sean wait for his lovely bride to come out for a “first look”. We then did some images  before the guests arrived.  The ceremony started with a little rain shower, but let off during the “I Do’s”.  Sheri and Sean had an amazing bbq supper and even had a Pit Master from Winnipeg who served amazing bbq ribs and chicken. SO yummy!!!! The evening continued with visiting and some dancing, along with fireworks and a bomb fire!

Thank you so much Sheri and Sean for letting me capture your special day. It was beautiful and your love beamed throughout the day and I hope you like your sneak peek!

Enjoy and Hugs!!!!


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So excited to share this sweet couples blog sneak peek! After a busy summer/fall season I am slowly catching up on my blog posts! (thank you guys for your patience!) The days following up to Leah and Kelvin’s big day were very wet to say the least. Even the drive into The Pas that morning had me worried but the forecast was that the rain would stop around lunch and SO IT DID! And it turned out to be a lovely day! The wedding was later in the day so we were able to do a lot of the images before the “I DO’S” including a first look series. The ceremony was held at the Carrot River Hall and oh my gosh, the hall was decorated absolutely stunningly! A beautiful country theme. After the ceremony we were able to get  a few more shots and came back to a scrumptious supper and a wonderful reception! Such a fun evening!  Because of the rain however some of the wonderful areas Leah and Kelvin wanted to use for images we were unable to use as they were too wet, SO we did an “after the big day” little session in September. Sharing some of my favourite shots from that session here as well.

Leah and Kelvin again congrats and we wish you all the best in your future! And thank you for having me capture you big day! Enjoy your sneak peek and will be in touch very soon! :)

Have a seat, grab a drink…beware its a long post! :) Enjoy!

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And some from our “After the Big Day” session!

_MG_9935 _MG_9954 _MG_9975 _MG_9981 _MG_0117 ah _MG_0081 ah _MG_0069 ah _MG_0161 ah _MG_0124 ah _MG_0170 moon _MG_0272 gig _MG_0327 _MG_0393 bw _MG_0427 _MG_0445


What a gorgeous day Paige and Steve had for their special day! I am starting this blog post with a few collages to show just how much detail Paige and friends put into decorating the hall. I ran up the evening before to grab just a few detail images and literally gasped when I walked in the DenarePlex. Everything was just gorgeous so I knew I would have to share a few (and really these are just a few!) From the gorgeous head table, the wonderful decorations around the hall, and the little memorial for her Grandma Philomene (including a cake topper from her wedding) the hall was just spectacular! Paige also had some buttons from her Grandma Philomene’s wedding dress in her hair and in her bouquet. :)

Everyone started the day getting ready at Rockey View Lodge. The ceremony was at Bayside Campground overlooking the lake, and was just the perfect place for their ‘I DO’s”. After the family portraits, we headed out on our adventure! Paige and Steve wanted to go to a limestone quarry for some of their images, and I am glad we did! Such a unique backdrop for their formal portraits. Though by the looks of poor Paige’s arms at the reception we probably should have remembered to put on some sunscreen!! (ouch Paige!)

The supper was catered by Rockey View and was just scrumptious, and the party was in full swing by the time I headed home!

Paige and Steve, I wish you all the best and thank you once again for choosing me to capture the day! (and thank you for being patient with the blog post…been a hectic busy summer!)

Enjoy your sneak peek! :)


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Waylon {newborn, 17 days}

February 6, 2015

Meet Waylon, only 17 days old! :) Such a handsome little guy! We managed to get some sleepy one, some awake ones and even some with his buddy Finnegan! :) I think this little guy is going to steal all the girls hearts! :)

I am a bit behind on my blog posts lately but could not wait to share some favorites from Marley’s Grad Session. Isn’t she just stunning? And her dress suited her so beautifully! We did her session before the actual grad day which was so nice and relaxed! We had fun doing a bit of both studio and outside shots, and had a really hard time narrowing down a few to post!

Marley did awesome at the ceremonies, bringing in quite a few scholarships one even being the HudBay Scholarship! Way to go girl! :)

Congrats again Marley, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!







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