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I had such an amazing fun family session with Taya, Shylo and family! Taya is a firecracker and we always have a blast! We walked around Phantom Lake just snapping away even though it was a chilly chilly evening I am so happy with all the amazing shots we got! I knew a blog post was in order for this session! Shylo and Taya love to travel, and love how our “pick the next destination” pictures turned out too!

Thank you guys so much for the fun evening! Some favorites!














I was so excited to be able to do this session for Stormy and Kevin during the Easter holidays. Little one wasn’t too happy, but we managed to get a few, and some really good ones of the boys!

Just a quick sneak peek, and travel safely guys! Who knew we would get all that snow while you were here!




Thanks so much guys for coming out, and lol…sorry about the little adventure to start off with! lol! So glad you called Connie, we have been trying to do these for awhile now, too bad it was so chilly, but I do love winter shots!

Some favs! Will be in touch soon! And tell Kenzie I have a cute “peek a boo” shot that I SO wanted to put on the blog for her, JUST KIDDING!!!!




I couldn’t wait to do Alison and her kids portraits! We had to go to the city for a bit so this sneak peek is a bit behind!

Thank you so much Alison, Justin and Amy for coming, I hope you like your sneak peek and will be in touch soon! Oh and Amy you do look so much like your Mom, so beautiful!









Rachuk Family {family}

September 26, 2011

I just LOVE doing fall family sessions, but lately with the amount of sandflies we have been having its been hard as those little stinkers just love swarming around my subjects! But thankfully I am happy to say that this session will be just fine! lol! (just takes a little extra editing to remove them but definitely can be done!)

Thank you so much for coming out guys and I hope you like your sneak peek! I am so happy with them and the sandflies will definitely be managable! Will be in touch soon!








Becky {Grad 2011}

June 19, 2011

Where did the time go? I remember when Becky was just a wee baby, and here it is her Graduation around the corner! What a stunningly beautiful young lady she is! The dress is simply gorgeous and LOOK at those shoes! I had a little cry editing these…Auntie’s can do that! (Mom have you got your Kleenex handy!!!)

I am glad Tyler and Toews came too, aren’t they handsome? LOL!!!

I hope you like your sneak peek Becky, and wish you so much happiness in the years ahead! Love you lots sweetie!!!












Just look at these two beautiful girls! I couldn’t wait to get working on their sneak peek, and had so many to choose from, I had a hard time narrowing some down!

I really enjoyed our session girls, and hope you like! Will be in touch soon!

Taylor {teen}

February 6, 2011

Taylor and I had fun doing a “mini” session using natural light yesterday. Its been a long time since I played without the studio lights and was so happy how they turned out! The lighting is soft and sweet, just like her!

Some favs! Love you Tay!

The Kirk Sisters {family}

December 19, 2010

“Chance made us Sisters, hearts made us friends.”
Author Unknown

I really had fun doing Kaitlin and Kim’s portraits, such beautiful girls!!! I had a hard time narrowing down the images I wanted to blog, so many favorites! I always love doing the second last image…and really glad I did it with them!

Enjoy your sneak peek girls!!! Will be in touch soon!

Beautiful Souls {teens}

December 9, 2010

WOW! Where did our little girls go? When did they turn into such beautiful young ladies? Seriously these pictures take my breath away…such beauties! The school formal Christmas Dance is tonight and there was no way I wasn’t getting portraits of these three best friends! Though my poor son didn’t get his done (lol, he wasn’t too hurt!) seeing as I had the cranberry backdrop up…but he did agree to take some tomorrow!

I promised the girls while they were out dancing up a storm that I would put these up for them! Some favs! Hope they are having a magical evening!