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Brooke {babies}

July 18, 2015

Oh my goodness!!!! Ok, little biased here as this wee one is our niece’s adorable little angel, but ISN’T SHE JUST PRECIOUS???!!!!! Oh Miss Brooke is such a little doll!

Some favs from our morning together! :) Thanks for coming Alex, Andrew and baby Brooke! Hugs!


_MG_5836 blog_MG_5841 blogwww.thealbumcafe.com_MG_5999

Oh what a cutie Mr Jack is! He did such a good job at his photo session, and look at big sister Aeryss! She has grown so much since I last seen her at her newborn session!

Some favourites from our day, enjoy! Thanks again for coming and hope you like! :)

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Fynn {9.5 mths}

June 3, 2015

Oh my heavens this little girl is such a sweetie! Just look at those gorgeous eyes! :) I couldn’t wait to share some of my favourites, and believe me I had a hard time narrowing them down!

Can’t wait for our next session, enjoy the sneak peek!


www.thealbumcafe.comwww.thealbumcafe.comFynn326 blogFynn334 blogwww.thealbumcafe.comFynn340 blog

Adalee {one year}

May 15, 2015

Oh Miss Adalee, how you make me smile! We had such fun doing her one year portrait session. How time surely flies and can’t believe this little angel is already a year old! It seems like only yesterday we were doing her Mommy’s maternity pics!

Here are some  favourites from our session, so many it was hard to choose! :) Just look at the one of Mommy and Adalee doing some yoga! :)

Enjoy the sneak peek! Hugs Adalee and Jelisa!


www.thealbumcafe.com_MG_4295 blog_MG_4307 blogwww.thealbumcafe.com_MG_4889



Hunter {8 months}

May 15, 2015

Oh just look at this sweet little guy! I had the pleasure of doing Hunter’s portraits while he is here visiting his grandparents. Isn’t he just adorable??? Loved all his cute outfits and props! Just darling! :)

Enjoy the sneak peek everyone, and safe travels home to Hunter, Mommy and Grandma! Thanks for bringing him Nan and Pop! :)


_MG_4364 blogwww.thealbumcafe.comwww.thealbumcafe.com_MG_4457 blog_MG_4463 blogwww.thealbumcafe.com_MG_4581blog



Just look at this beautiful family! :) Aren’t the kids just adorable? Luke looking so handsome (who’s handsome Luke?) and Kaitlyn did so good for her 3 month session!

Some favs from our session! Enjoy!



Natalie {9 months, baby}

March 11, 2015

Just look how adorable Miss Natalie is! So excited to share these! We had to work for the smiles, but just look at how big the ones we got were! Hard to believe our next session she will be one!

Enjoy the sneak peek! :)

Max {11 months, baby}

March 10, 2015

Oh how I just want to squeeze those big chubby cheeks! Max is such a cutie, and I just LOVE those tie ones!  Almost  a year old my gosh! Can’t wait for our next ones !

Had to add the hat/crying one…Mom said he doesn’t like hats, lol!



February 6, 2015

What out ladies, this little one will steal your heart! What a little cutie! Jake made us work for those smiles but boy we got some sweet images!

LOVE them all!

Lucy {9 months}

February 6, 2015

Miss Lucy is getting so big! I just love the images we got! Her dress was so gorgeous! And the tub ones, oh how I love those!

Some favs! :)