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It’s FlashBack Friday! Or better known as time to share more on my blog! :)  I have had the pleasure of taking this sweet family’s portraits for two years now, and always so enjoy my short time with them. :) The girls are just adorable and always fun to see what we get!  The evening might have been one of the coldest fall sessions but they did an amazing job! Love how they turned out!

Sharing some favourites! Hope to see you again next year!


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Lucy {one year}

June 11, 2015

Awww, just look at this sweetheart! One year old already, where did the time go? I have so enjoyed watching her grow. We did a few inside studio shots and then did a few outside ones, that I am just loving! That last one however shows that when little one is done, session is over! Off she goes!

Enjoy the sneak peek! :)


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Oh what a cutie Mr Jack is! He did such a good job at his photo session, and look at big sister Aeryss! She has grown so much since I last seen her at her newborn session!

Some favourites from our day, enjoy! Thanks again for coming and hope you like! :)

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Just look at this beautiful family! :) Aren’t the kids just adorable? Luke looking so handsome (who’s handsome Luke?) and Kaitlyn did so good for her 3 month session!

Some favs from our session! Enjoy!



“Some Miracles come in Pairs” unknown

Oh my heavens! Could these identical twin brothers be any sweeter? So petite and perfect! I just love the family pics, and Bentley is such a GREAT Big Brother! Full of hugs and kisses for them both. We got so many wonderful images, it was VERY hard to narrow them down to blog but I don’t think anyone will mind! :)

Thank you so much Lyndsay, Josh and Bentley for bringing your little bundles for their newborn pictures! Enjoy the sneak peek! Be in touch soon!

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Natalie {9 months, baby}

March 11, 2015

Just look how adorable Miss Natalie is! So excited to share these! We had to work for the smiles, but just look at how big the ones we got were! Hard to believe our next session she will be one!

Enjoy the sneak peek! :)

Max {11 months, baby}

March 10, 2015

Oh how I just want to squeeze those big chubby cheeks! Max is such a cutie, and I just LOVE those tie ones!  Almost  a year old my gosh! Can’t wait for our next ones !

Had to add the hat/crying one…Mom said he doesn’t like hats, lol!


Nicholas {newborn, 9 days}

February 26, 2015

I can’t wait to show these amazing portraits of such a sweet little boy! The blog is two parts. First Nicholas at only 9 days new and then again with his family at  23 days old!

Nicholas did so well at his newborn session and we had some wonderful set ups. Some with Daddy’s uniform, and even some with Daddy’s stuffies!  Aren’t those adorable? And Nicholas’s Great Grandma Cookie loves owls so I am sure she will love those!

We then had another session with big sister Sophia! The family pictures turned out just as I hoped, and the ones with Sophia and her new baby brother, well those are forever memories captured! :) LOVE them and had such fun with Sophia!

Thank you so much Karmalee and Jordan for letting me capture these moments for you! I can’t wait to watch him grow!  And big thank you to big sister Sophia! She did amazing and Nicholas is so lucky to have such an amazing sister!!! :)

Enjoy the sneak peek!


Nine Days New!

23 Days New!

Williams Family {family}

September 18, 2014

Excited to share my brother and sister in law’s family session! Glad we ended up doing them that day as it ended up snowing later in the week! lol! :) We got a few family ones, and then the boys left us so “supermodel” Ava, Chris and I just went walking, chatting and snapping! Ava had a blast doing some jumping shots, boy that girl can get some air! We are also planning a “photo shoot” in the near future so keep an eye out for those!

Enjoy your sneak peek! Love you!

Oh and LOVE LOVE the out take one (black and white of kids on the tree)! What could have made Ava so suprised, and Joel giggle too???? LOL!








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I had such a great time with Dennis, Debbie and family!  And SO glad we went to Clearwater for their session! What a beautiful location! Lots of fun! And as you can see by the last few that your never to old to have a splash fight with your siblings! :)

Enjoy your sneak peek you guys, and tty soon!








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