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I recently had the honor of doing a Tiny Light Foundation Session for little Kaysen and his Mom and Dad. Kaysen was born with Pulmonary Artesia with an Intact Ventricle Septum. He had is first heart surgery at only 10 days old and is currently scheduled for a second surgery very soon. Kaysen is such a sweet little boy, I am so happy to have been able to do this session for Elise, Kyle and Kaysen. Such a little ray of sunshine!

Here is a little more about Kaysen from his Mommy (Elise),

Kaysen is six months old, 7 months on Sept 1st. He loves to be the center of attention, and definitely lets you know when he’s not  :) His favorite time of the day is bath time, he gets so excited and even squeals with happiness when he sees the bathroom shower curtain! His other favorite thing is soft blankies and his mom and dad. Kaysen’s least favorite things are tummy time ( because of his chest being broken for surgery we think it might be painful) and now that he’s a busy baby, he doesn’t like to cuddle very often. Kaysen’s best friend is Cohen Banting, he’s a bit older then Kaysen, but they get along great :) ( Breann Gummerson’s son)
Our baby boy is so full of smiles all day long, he is a very happy baby regardless of his illness. He’s the light of our lives. Kaysen is also very lucky to have such loving and supportive Grandparents in his life, they love him as much as we do.
To know more about the Tiny Light Foundation just click this link. I am so blessed to be part of such an amazing group!
Sending hugs and prayers for Kaysen’s upcoming surgery and thank you again Elise and Kyle! I am so blessed to have met you and your little man! :) Hugs Kaysen!!!!!

The Tiny Light Foundation

February 3, 2011

I am so pleased to be a part of a special non profit organization called The Tiny Light Foundation.
The Tiny Light Foundation is a non profit organization that provides professional photography for children and families that have been faced with a life altering diagnoses.
We provide families with the lasting memories through the amazing art of photography. With the help of many photographers throughout Canada we are able to provide families with photos they can share and help carry the many memories.
Our mission is to provide and capture memories that will help provide a family with one less thing to worry about. In the mist of dealing with doctors appointments, specialist appointments or just the daily life of medicines, rushing here to there for weights, check ups, and the many many other things we deal with in everyday life. A lot of the time photographs seem to take a back burner and not only with time, but with funds. When we look back we want to remember and even though you may not forget what you and your child has gone through we always want more we need the memories to last “Forever”.
We at The Tiny Light Foundation feel that helping families create these memories is very important. Each of us has somehow been touched by a family member or friend who has had to endure a life altering experience and looking back we know the importance of these special moments. So whether you have a child or know a child who would benefit from a professional photo session. Please know we are here to help. Each session is specially designed and catered to your child and your family. Each session is free of charge and you are provided with a high resolution disk of edited photos ready for printing. Our photographers are willing to travel to your home, hospital, school. We want to capture a moment in the day in the life of you and your child.
Each child is different and special in their own way. When dealing with a serious illness or life altering disability we know that sometimes it takes much more patience and time then a normal in house studio can provide. Each Photographer is hand picked and selected for that special reason alone.
I look forward to being part of such a wonderful foundation! You can also follow The Tiny Light Foundation on facebook also by “liking” The Tiny Light Foundation Facebook page.