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I am very honored to be a member of a wonderful organization called The Tiny Light Foundation .  The Tiny Light Foundation is a non profit organization that provides professional photography for families that have been faced with a life altering diagnosis. The foundation is growing so fast across the country, giving families lasting memories through the art of photography.

I was so excited to meet my first Tiny Light client Ethan. Ethan was born with Thrombocytopenia Absent Radius Syndrome, and was not expected to make it through delivery. He is now a very healthy and happy 5 year old boy.  He requires monthly(sometimes more) blood work to check and make sure his platelets are at where they’re supposed to be due to a blood disorder associated with TARS. He likes to play video games, hanging out with his mom, step-dad & siblings for family days, going sliding..all kinds of sports. When he grows up he wants to be either a soccer player or a hockey player. He has a very close relationship with his big sister Maddy, although they fight like cats & dogs (this according to Mom, lol!).  Maddy is VERY defensive of her little brother and looks out for him all the time!

The moment Ethan walked in my door, I knew this little boy was amazing! He isn’t shy in the least and I just knew our session would be such fun. He is a typical 5 year old boy, and loves to get his sister going! He tickled her throughout our sibling shots, and even started to tickle me!!!!  His smile warms your heart and has such an infectious giggle! You just want to hug the heck out of him! You can tell just how much he loves his family. He is one special little boy and sent from heaven to bless us all.

I am truly humbled to have been asked to be part of such an amazing organization, and blessed to have met Ethan. He has touched my heart and made me remember why I love my job so much.

Please take a moment to read more about The Tiny Light Foundation and how they touch the lives of so many families. The foundation is quickly growing across Canada and if you know a family that would benefit, please spread the word.