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So happy to share Rachelle and Blair’s wedding sneak peek today!  What a wonderful day for such a beautiful couple!  The girls spent the morning getting hair and makeup done at Urban Trendz hair salon, and all looked absolutely gorgeous! Such beautiful dresses, loved the different styles and colours! I really love that style for bridesmaids! The boys all looked so handsome, love the blue suits! The wedding ceremony was held at Creekside Park, such a lovely location to say “I Do”. The ceremony was so lovely! We got to do a few different locations for pictures and  just love how they turned out. The hall was decorated SO beautifully by Divine Events (beautiful job girls!!!!).  Supper was catered by Menno Giesbrecht and as always was scrumptious! Such a perfect day, and the Wayde from Amisk Sounds had the party going strong when we left! :)


Thank you again so much Rachelle and Blair for letting me capture your special day. I wish you all the best always! :) Enjoy your sneak peek!!!!


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Spring is coming, or at least I think it is! Hopefully the snow is done for awhile!

Here is this month’s wonderful “What to Wear” guide! I get so excited as I love to see the outfit ideas and hope this will help those clients who are having trouble with ideas for their family sessions! (or those like me that are always looking for a new outfit idea!!!)


What to Wear {guide}

March 16, 2011

Many clients often wonder “what should I wear to my photo session?” Well, once a month I will have a wonderful guide to give some ideas for you! So today I am playing catch up and posting three wonderful wardrobe ideas for you to spark your fashion sense! Enjoy!