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I promised a part 2 for Steph’s Trash the Dress series because we weren’t able to do the water portion the last go around. We did a couple different locations first before we headed to the beach. We did have to “kick” a few kids out of the water first, lol…but luckily it was my daughter and her friends so she knew just to get out of my shots! lol! I had so much fun doing these with Steph, such a stunning model to work with and not afraid of doing anything! Those rock crevices made me nervous but not Steph! Though we did lose a shoe in a deep one, thankfully my hubby went to the rescue and got it out for her! lol! (I have a great shot of that but dang it he doesn’t want me to “blog” him!)

I am such a tight up close head shot shooter that I am totally falling in love with using more of the environment in my images lately. I am enjoying stepping back and getting more into the shot.

Thank you so much Steph for doing these with me, for climbing rocks and laying in the water for I am sure was much longer than needed, but I am SO in love with these images that I just can’t thank you enough!!!! And a big thank you to Emma for coming along and Gary for being the most wonderful assistant/reflector/shoe rescuer ever!

Again sharing WAY too many, but couldn’t narrow them down! Enjoy!

I really think that I am going to call these sessions ROCK THAT DRESS, because to me “trash the dress” really makes me think we are wrecking/trashing it and I like to think we are ROCKING it rather! lol!

















Stephanie {Trash the Dress}

August 25, 2011

I was so excited when Stephanie asked to do this session, my first “Trash the Dress”. Trash the Dress sessions are when a bride takes that gorgeous dress they wore on their special day and takes more relaxed, fun shots in it. They can get a little crazy too, dependent on what you want to do!

We had so much fun! We got a few little kids at the park asking “what are you doing on the rocks in your dress?”, “aren’t you afraid to get it dirty?”  We then headed to a secluded part of the old highway to get eaten alive by mosquitoes but the images there are as stunning as I knew they would be! Steph even climbed on a set of old stairs that were just left in the bush, and so glad she did! I LOVE that shot!!! We then headed to another spot and then off the fountain where in she went!!!!

We then went off to Phantom to take some in the lake, but alas that poor lake has definitely been taken over by weeds, I was so shocked! So we are getting together again for some cool water shots on another day! I can’t wait! So check back in a few weeks for more!

Thanks so much Steph, I had a blast! And thank you Tasha for helping out! Here are some of my favorites! (and I have lots!!!! It was hard to pick a few, so I am showing LOTS! LOL!) I know you like black and whites Steph, but most of these are just too gorgeous in color to switch, but I added one in! Hope you like them!!!