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I seriously had so many shots I wanted to put in the sneak peek that I decided to have two parts!!! These beautiful sisters were a PLEASURE to capture, each image I just knew I would love! (and hopefully Mom and Dad will too!) So this evening I will share a few of my favorite of the girls and tomorrow I will put up some of the family ones. Each girl has such a different personalities, such sweet souls! I really enjoyed today and Pam…I cried on many of them!!!! (that’s a good thing, many times I will cry if an image moves me!) Give the girls a hug from me, they did AMAZING!!!!

Peek back tomorrow for part two….the family pics!

What a beautiful day today! WOW! You could have sworn it was summer! The sun was beaming, the weather was so warm and yup…the bugs are out in full force! But still a wonderful day none the less!

These two little cousins are so sweet, I really enjoyed our session! I couldn’t wait to get home and post a few favorites. I knew the moment I snapped the shutter that I was going to love them! But how could I not, they are both just darling!

Wedding season is just around the corner and what a beautiful night last night for Kristen and Cody’s engagement session. (though we could have done without the mosquitoes, way too early for them!) Posting a few of my favorites!

Looking forward to capturing your special day guys! Will be in touch soon!