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Sweet Little Reegan {2.5 mths}

December 29, 2010

Oh just look at this little angel! Such a happy little peanut! I was so glad to fit Reegan in over the holidays, isn’t she adorable??? This age group can be a little bit harder as they love to squirm and get those little fists in their mouths (which Reegan just LOVED to do!), but we got some very sweet captures! AND she must have known how much I love sleepy babies as she ended up having a quick power nap for us!!! How sweet are those images?

Hope you had a safe trip home Chandra and Rob! Here are a few favs, talk soon!

Paige {glamour}

December 29, 2010

Beauty… when you look into a woman’s eyes and see what is in her heart.  ~Nate Dirck
I had such a wonderful time with Paige during our session, I swear I could have kept shooting forever!  Her beauty just beams, with a smile that could warm anyone’s heart. My studio is in my home but over the holidays I run out of space once our tree is up. It was so nice to have the rented the hall for a few days, I felt like I had so much room to move!!!! lol! Something one could get very very use to! I used my favorite lens and never took it off the whole session!!!!

I hope your flight home was a good one Paige, and I hope you like the sneak peek…had a hard time picking as I had SO many favorites!!!! Enjoy!!!!

Alex and Andrew {engagement}

December 23, 2010

and Kya too!!!! Brrr, it was a little chillier today than yesterday, but SO PRETTY OUT!!!! This was a very very special session for me, I got to take pics with our beautiful niece Alex and her fiance Andrew. Aren’t they just gorgeous? And Kya is so pretty too!  I think they should have a winter wonderland wedding, don’t you?….LOL!!! Just kidding guys!

I am so happy for you two and so excited for the wedding…hope you like these guys and see you on Saturday!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

Amanda and Elliot {engagement}

December 22, 2010

The day was just perfect for an engagement session! Softly falling snow+sweet,totally IN LOVE couple=one happy photographer!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE winter sessions! I mean after awhile of shooting you can’t feel your legs anymore and so once that happens I can shoot forever! LOL!

These two are absolutely made for one another, you can just feel how much love they have for one another by being with them. I am so honored to be able to catch their special day!

I really had fun today with you guys…hope you didn’t get too cold!!!! Sherry, do y0u have your kleenex handy? LOL…I know I had some little tears as I was editing them!!!

Some of my favs….hugs!!!!!

The Kirk Sisters {family}

December 19, 2010

“Chance made us Sisters, hearts made us friends.”
Author Unknown

I really had fun doing Kaitlin and Kim’s portraits, such beautiful girls!!! I had a hard time narrowing down the images I wanted to blog, so many favorites! I always love doing the second last image…and really glad I did it with them!

Enjoy your sneak peek girls!!! Will be in touch soon!

Beautiful Souls {teens}

December 9, 2010

WOW! Where did our little girls go? When did they turn into such beautiful young ladies? Seriously these pictures take my breath away…such beauties! The school formal Christmas Dance is tonight and there was no way I wasn’t getting portraits of these three best friends! Though my poor son didn’t get his done (lol, he wasn’t too hurt!) seeing as I had the cranberry backdrop up…but he did agree to take some tomorrow!

I promised the girls while they were out dancing up a storm that I would put these up for them! Some favs! Hope they are having a magical evening!

As any photographer knows…(well, the majority!) its is REALLY hard to take pics of your own kids! They dread it, fight it and usual it ends up with a mini nervous breakdown (for the photog, not the kids!) This is definitely true for me, but each year I tackle the job of getting “THE” image (or images) for the annual Christmas card. This year I wanted to get back outside for some beautiful winter images..and somehow talked them into it! (one point for Mom!) I promised the car would be warm and I would work REALLY REALLY fast so no frostbite would be had! (because of course who wants pics in parkas and big winter boot?) I even got hubby to help me put silver balls on some spruce trees for some added “Christmas joy”! (I got some good shots of that too but, sigh been told NO BLOGGING THOSE! LOL!)

So off we went…we did not so bad considering it started to snow and the wind was cold! We took breaks, jumped in the car and warmed up and I even promised Pizza Hut for supper!

Pictures were going well….getting too cold to continue, but I had one more surprise up my sleeve. The boys were to close their eyes and just wait until I told them to open them. Low and behold when they did, their dear sister was waiting with a handful of snow ready to throw!!!!! (bad Mom, I know…but Taylor and I got a good giggle out of it!)

So here are some favs…and on the way home I got the privilege of getting a visitor’s lovely portrait! Just sat there and let me take pics!

Snowboard Fun {teen}

December 6, 2010

Well we did some studio shots of Jessie in his gear but I was so excited to get out of the studio and do some action shots with him, and SO GLAD we did! I am REALLY excited with these….forgot how much I miss taking snow fun shots! Hope you like them  Jessie, and thank you for letting me get these….poor kid is sporting a cast on his ankle! But you would have never known it!

Some favs!!!

The Deans Family {family}

December 6, 2010

I had so much fun with Aimee, Jan and Jessie, lots of giggles were had! I got a lot of wonderful images and couldn’t wait to share! Love the “fun” ones at the end, and we even got some of Jessie in his snowboarding gear! BUT who could not resist getting him out into the snow!!!! Stay tuned for Jessie’s blog post…Snow Fun!

Oh how much the girls have grown since I seen them last! Growing into little ladies so fast! And such pretty dresses!!!

Some favs from our session….always have fun with Dawn, she is so photogenic, I could have kept her here all day! (we will get together again soon!)