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The Gorrell Family came today for Jaxson’s 3 mth session, and boy has he grown! What a sweetheart!!!! Just look at those cheeks… and his eyes!!! He is going to be a heartbreaker thats for sure, both him and his older brother Jordan!

Sharing some favs, and Jordan, I did add the one of Jaxson trying to “eat” your ear!!! But I do think he is just trying to give you a big kiss!!!!


Viki and Sam {sisters}

January 27, 2011

I had such fun with these two sisters! Although the weather might have warmed up yesterday, (only around -10 or so) it was still pretty chilly so we had to work fast! And we had such a dumping of snow lately that all the little pockets I love were knee deep snow to get to so we didn’t get to use them! (though we did have to blaze a trail to the trees!) The girls were troopers and hopefully warmed up fast! (lol…I got home and had some tea!) They were doing these for Mom (birthday present), such a wonderful gift!

Some favs, hope you all like!!!!

I really enjoyed meeting Chantal and Josh yesterday! They drove from The Pas for their maternity session with me. (thank you again, that means a lot to me!) Such a beautiful couple and they are just BEAMING with joy for this wee one!

Sharing some favs! Will be in touch soon, and best of luck on the delivery of your little bundle!

What a tiny bundle, little Tziyon was 2 wks early and came to see me at only 1 wk old! But boy did he ever want to stay awake and see whats going on around him! We had a bit of a time getting him to sleep (which is ok, as we got got some very sweet awake shots too!) but once he did we were able to get those most adorable sleepy shots I love so much! Big brother Ryker also came along, he sure does love that little guy! Tziyon is Kylee’s cousin (previous newborn post) and he also is a baby planner client so we will be seeing more of him too!

Some favs from our session!

Oh my heavens isn’t she just a little sweetheart??? So alert for 2 wks! I even got some eye contact! Once we got her to sleep I just snapped away! Kylee is one of my baby planner clients and I look forward to watching her grow! Tomorrow her 1 wk old cousin is coming to visit me for his newborn session!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

Just look at this little pumpkin!!! What an absolute doll! I was so excited to meet Bentley, he is definitely a charmer! We had a bit of a time getting him to give us giggles and grins…but we got a few! Momma you have one sweet boy, you did good! And well, I just KNOW this is Grandma’s Little Boy and will ALWAYS be surrounded by love! He even had a little nap for us! (and you know I LOVE sleepy baby pics!) That last one, SIGH, one of my favorites for sure!

Enjoy your sneak peek, and safe travels home Chelsea and Bentley! It was so good to see you!

Another beautiful winters day for engagements! I am so excited for Mallory and Derrick’s wedding, it will be my first New Years Eve wedding! We started with a few indoor studio shots and then out we went! The snow was so soft and fluffy, though it was a bit nippy, at least it wasn’t -2o or more! We even played around with Mallory’s engagement ring…though the branch was her and my assistant’s (lol, hubby) idea I have to confess. Something about a ring hanging above a big snow pile scares me! I also love the acorn shot, image me lying on the snowy road for that shot…brrr!!!! Didn’t they turn out BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And I LOVE LOVE the snowfall/kiss shot…exactly how I pictured it! Thanks guys for coming out, and I am so excited for you both!