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Lucian {4 mths}

September 30, 2011

This little guy made me work today, but SO worth it! Oh my heavens, isn’t he darling!!! I am loving them all! His Monster costume is just precious, and he def. let us know when he was done with a certain pose…I am sure you can tell which image that was! LOL!

Couldn’t wait to post…Thank you Ashley and Grandma Dawn for coming…enjoy little Lucien’s sneak peek!











Bryce {6 mths}

September 30, 2011

Bryce came all the way from Pelican Narrows to get his portraits done. Just look at those amazing eyes and eyelashes! He is going to have all the girls at his door that for sure! And look at that, we even got some sleeping ones!

Thank you so much Bella and Kelly for coming all the way! Enjoy the sneak peek!








Taya and Kathy {family}

September 28, 2011

I had the pleasure of taking Taya and her Grandma Kathy’s portraits, and boy did we have fun! I love doing family sessions but this to me is so special, I would have LOVED to do these with my Grandma’s growing up! And Taya is just a natural in front of the camera, I loved that she had some fun ideas for us to do!

Some favs from our time together! Thank you for coming ladies, and Taya I will see you again real soon!









Auvrie {babies}

September 28, 2011

I can’t believe how much Auvrie has changed since I last seen her. She is such a doll, and her smile just melts your heart!

Thanks for coming Jan and Auvrie and can’t wait to see you again soon!

Some favs!









Campbell Family {family}

September 26, 2011

I had so much fun with Leanna and her family! The weather couldn’t have been nicer for the end of Sept, what a gorgeous day! I couldn’t wait to get this sneak peek up. I am so excited I got one of the little one’s together! That age group can be tough, they don’t last too long, and adding in such a beautiful day, that can be tough! But I am so happy with the one together, so sweet!

Enjoy your sneak peek guys! And thank you again for coming! Will be in touch soon!










Rachuk Family {family}

September 26, 2011

I just LOVE doing fall family sessions, but lately with the amount of sandflies we have been having its been hard as those little stinkers just love swarming around my subjects! But thankfully I am happy to say that this session will be just fine! lol! (just takes a little extra editing to remove them but definitely can be done!)

Thank you so much for coming out guys and I hope you like your sneak peek! I am so happy with them and the sandflies will definitely be managable! Will be in touch soon!








Dawn {maternity}

September 25, 2011

I always know that whatever I want to do Dawn is ALWAYS game, I love her to bits for that! I have NEVER done an outdoor maternity session so when I mentioned it Dawn was all for it! BUT who knew that we would have such an amazingly hot day! WOW! So off we go full sun, not a cloud in the sky kind of day! (which is lovely but not always a photographers favorite kind of lighting!) So this girl got to play with the sun! Instead of being intimidated by it, I embraced that light and had a blast! Thank you so much Richard for holding my reflector!

Dawn and Richard, I cannot WAIT to meet this little one! He (ok, or she, but you know I am rooting for a boy!) is going to be always wrapped with love by two amazing parents and two beautiful big sisters! Love ya!

Some favorites, and now would like to do ALL my maternity sessions outside! (well, maybe not winter ones lol!)










I am always so humbled when I get families that travel to get their portraits from me, it really means so much to me! Carie and Darryl brought their sweet family in from The Pas and I so enjoyed our time together. What a beautiful family they have!  I couldn’t wait to get these up for them to see.

Thank you again for coming guys! Enjoy your sneak peek!









Nina {newborn, 3 wks}

September 19, 2011

I am so excited to share Nina’s sneak peek! She is such a precious little angel and though it took us a little while to get her to sleep for us, these images just melt my heart!

The first two are very special. Meghan’s Grandmother made the blanket and both her and her sister came home from the hospital with it and so did Nina!

Thank you Meghan and Grandma Leslie for bring sweet Nina out for here portraits! I cannot wait to see her grow and capture those memories for you, Mike and your families!









September 19, 2011

Just look at Madden! He has gotten so big and such a handsome little dude! We had so much fun and I have so many favorites! I absolutely LOVE the peek a boo blankey one. I NEED that one huge as a studio sample for sure! We even got to go outside for a few, but man those sandflies were just awful! They didn’t seem to bother Madden but I sure had a lot to clone out of those pictures!

Enjoy the sneak peek Chantal and Josh!