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Grayson {newborn}

August 31, 2012

Oh my heavens, just look at this cutie! Just the sweetest little guy! I am so happy he decided to have a good little sleep, as these images just make me smile! :) So peaceful and precious!

Some favs from our session!






I was so happy to do a few quick pics for my dear friend Linda and her family. Its amazing how time flys (well the kids get bigger, thank GOSH we stay so young! lol!)! It just seems like yesterday when we use to hang out in Linda’s basement, listening to Def Leppard (and maybe a bit of Debbie Gibson, lol!) and now we have our own growing families. Its amazing how even though we haven’t seen each other for so long, and we live so far from each other, that we could sit, catch up and giggle like we do! Love you girl!

Hope you like your sneak peek and will be in touch soon! HUGS!






Well the day for Dawn and Richard started out pretty wet and rainy (which is good luck for a wedding I am told) but when it was time for the bridal party and couple images it stopped and brightened up for us! And I am so happy it did! I got some gorgeous couple shots of this lovely couple, and couldn’t wait to share. Their girls were dressed in lovely little dresses and were so sweet during the ceremony, and had such fun dancing away at the reception. A fun time for all! I even have an up and coming second shooter in the making! And just look at little Maria peeking up at Mom and Dad’s kiss at the reception!

Thank you Dawn and Richard for letting me capture your big day! Enjoy being a bridesmaid this weekend Dawn, and tty soon!



















































I was so honored to do Alex and Andrew’s wedding! I have watched our  niece grow into the most amazing young woman, and now the most beautiful of brides! I know that Andrew is one lucky man, and that he loves her dearly! The day was perfect! The wedding party was a blast! Just look at those cool socks the guys wore! The reception was a lot of fun, I  loved how the bridal party danced in! What a fun evening, lots of dancing by all!

Alex and Andrew, I wish you all the best in the future and lots of love, I hope you like your sneak peek and that you are having a blast in Vegas!!! Hugs and kisses!

And also a big thank you Rachel for being my assistant, means a lot and had a blast! :)


























































I had such a nice time with Tammie and Cody for their engagement session. The early evening light was just what I wanted and we got some amazing images! Such a lovely couple!

Some of my favorites from our session, enjoy your sneak peek guys and will be in touch soon! :)








Kamrin {newborn}

August 24, 2012

Oh just look at this little peanut! Isn’t he the cutest little thing?! I had such a nice time doing his newborn pics! Kamrin is a baby planner so I so look forward to watching him grow! :)

Thanks Kari (and ladies!) for coming, can’t wait to meet the rest of the family! :) Enjoy the sneak peek!







Rhaea {baby, family}

August 24, 2012

Oh just look at this sweetie! She is growing up so fast! Rhaea is one of my baby planners, and she is just so sweet! We also got to do some family pics too! :) And just look at that pouty face!!!! SO CUTE!!!

Thanks for coming everyone, had fun! She is such a doll and can’t wait to see her for her next session!





Today is catch up on sneak peek day, so there will be a few posts from me!

I got the pleasure of meeting these two little sweethearts from The Pas! Mom’s came together and we did both in one session. Poor Robyn was a bit tired by the time we got to her turn, but we managed to get some sweet ones! :) And Claire took a little while to get to sleep, but we did manage a few of those sweet shots too!

Thanks girls for coming, and hope to see you again in the future! :)







I am so pleased to have got to capture Dusty and Alex’s special day, they just beam with love! The day was just perfect. There was a little rain but we all know that is good luck during a wedding! They had limousines brought in from Saskatoon to drive the family and wedding party around, which was so great!

I couldn’t wait to share the sneak peek! Dusty and Alex, thank you again, your love just lights up a room and I wish you all the best!












































Another gorgeous day for a beautiful wedding! The ceremony was at Kari’s parents home in front of the lake making such a gorgeous background.  The bridal group was made up of Kari and Lyle’s siblings.  Such a lovely ceremony. Kari wore a beautiful broach that her Great Grandma, Grandma and Mother wore on their weddings. The hall was decorated so beautifully and just look at the gorgeous cake/cupcakes! Just a perfect day!

Kari and Lyle thank you for letting me capture your special day! All the best and enjoy your sneak peek!