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How gorgeous is Jade in that dress?!!!!! She is just stunning! I am so glad we got to do these, and I had a hard time choosing favorites to show! LOVE the one with big sister Sarah. And such a cool idea bringing the childhood picture of Jade and Jessie! LOVE it!

Congrats on your grad Jade! I wish you all the best in whatever path your future takes you! Hope you like the pics! :)









Just look how gorgeous Lana is! What a beautiful dress and she just beams beauty! Had a real fun time doing her grad portraits! Wish the day was nicer for some outside, but so happy with these! Love the one with nephew Bentley!

Congrats again Lana, I hope your graduation was all you dreamed and all the best in your future endeavors!

Hope you like!








OH I was so excited for this one!!! Congrats to our wonderful nephew Brent on his grad! Had fun doing this session, that is for sure! Doesn’t he look so handsome?? And those gorgeous sisters (and MOM!) of his!!! Now Brent you never did tell me WHO IS THE FAVORITE SISTER???? LOL!

LOVE these, and LOVE LOVE the fun ones!!! Especially the one with sunglasses with your “beautiful sisters” though I think you worded that phrase a little differently didn’t you?? LOL!!!! :)

Some favs, Congrats Brent! We are all very proud of you! :)










Congrats to Ally and Matt Simms on their Graduation!  Doesn’t Matt look so handsome? And Ally is so stunning! That dress is gorgeous and suited her so well!!!

Some favs from their studio session! Hope you like and congrats again! And congrats to you to Mona, you must be so proud! :)









Huge congrats to Melissa on her Graduation! I had a really nice time doing her grad and family portraits! And the day was nice too so we got to go outside for a few! LOVE the family shot and the one with her brother a dog! :)

Congrats again Melissa and all the best in the future!








WOW! Time flies is a real understatement! My oldest is a GRADUATE. I still remember walking him up the hill to Tiny Tots, and the first day sending him on the bus to town for Kindergarten like it really was only yesterday. And now he is graduated from Grade 12. A handsome young man with the future ahead of him! We are so SO proud of you Matthew, and know that whatever you choose ahead you will excel in and continue to make us proud. You have the world ahead of you, grab on and enjoy the ride!

We managed to get some outdoor shots done, and will do some studio soon. It was a very busy day and so thankful that it wasn’t raining. OR that we weren’t completely eaten alive by the mosquitoes!

Some favs from the big day! :)











I am a bit behind on my blog posts lately but could not wait to share some favorites from Marley’s Grad Session. Isn’t she just stunning? And her dress suited her so beautifully! We did her session before the actual grad day which was so nice and relaxed! We had fun doing a bit of both studio and outside shots, and had a really hard time narrowing down a few to post!

Marley did awesome at the ceremonies, bringing in quite a few scholarships one even being the HudBay Scholarship! Way to go girl! :)

Congrats again Marley, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!