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Just look at this gorgeous graduate! Doesn’t Kaylee look absolutely stunning? We had such fun at her grad session and couldn’t wait to share her sneak peek! Today she walked across that stage to receive her high school diploma and now has the world ahead of her. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours Kaylee!

Some favs from our studio session, will be posting more as we are going to do some outside too! :)

Enjoy your evening tonight Kaylee and Congrats!


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12 years of school seems to have passed in the blink of an eye! It seems like only yesterday we put her on her first bus ride to kindergarten, and oh how I cried! And now she is a Graduate ready for the next chapter of her life to begin. And  yes I cried when she walked across that stage, and when she did her valedictorian speech, and many other parts of the evening too!

We are so proud of this girl, she worked so hard this year and know that she will do amazing in her future endeavours. Its going to be hard to let her go, but we know she will strive for excellence.

Some favourites to share, and we are planning another outdoor session when we have more time! (and less army worms around too, lol!)

Taylor, we love you so much (our sweet “PotterHead”) , so so proud of all your accomplishments and good luck on your exams this week! :)





I am so excited to share Ashley and Scott’s Wedding Sneak Peek! This gorgeous couple’s wedding was held at the Elk Ridge Resort, Waskesui, SK. and was the most beautiful location for a wedding. I have never been in the area before, but really would love to return someday.

The day was perfect, not too hot, not too cold….just a bit of rain now and again but nothing major! We did a “first look” series of portraits, and then did some images around the gorgeous grounds before heading to say “I do”.

The intimate ceremony was held in the chapel on the resort, with Scott’s sister singing as they came in.What an amazing voice she has! Pretty sure we all were crying at the rehearsal!

We then headed off into the park and did some pictures at Waskesui River and headed down a trail for some “in the wilderness” shots.

After supper we headed out yet again. A little “first dance” as husband and wife, some images with the beautiful paddle Ashley gave Scott, a stroll through the “twinkle light” path and more.

Thank you so much Ashley and Scott for having me capture your special day, and hope your having an amazing honeymoon! :) Enjoy your sneak peek!




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Natalie {one year}

June 11, 2015

And another little sweetie has turned one! Just look at Miss Natalie! I just love all the sweet expressions this wee one gives me! :) We had such fun!

Enjoy some favourites from our one year session!


_MG_9113 blogwww.thealbumcafe.comwww.thealbumcafe.com_MG_9234 blogwww.thealbumcafe.comwww.thealbumcafe.com_MG_9255 blog

Lucy {one year}

June 11, 2015

Awww, just look at this sweetheart! One year old already, where did the time go? I have so enjoyed watching her grow. We did a few inside studio shots and then did a few outside ones, that I am just loving! That last one however shows that when little one is done, session is over! Off she goes!

Enjoy the sneak peek! :)


_MG_5625 blog 01www.thealbumcafe.com_MG_5671 blog 03www.thealbumcafe.comwww.thealbumcafe.comwww.thealbumcafe.comwww.thealbumcafe.com_MG_7367 blog


Tootie {teen}

June 10, 2015

So excited to share Tootie’s sneak peek! SO many favourites.Isn’t she just beautiful? LOVE the syncro swimsuit shots too, so fun!

Thanks Tootie and Colleen for coming, had a lot of fun and hope you like! :)

www.thealbumcafe.comTootie16 blogTootie18 blogwww.thealbumcafe.comTootie59 blogTootie48


Oh what a cutie Mr Jack is! He did such a good job at his photo session, and look at big sister Aeryss! She has grown so much since I last seen her at her newborn session!

Some favourites from our day, enjoy! Thanks again for coming and hope you like! :)

www.thealbumcafe.comwww.thealbumcafe.comwww.thealbumcafe.comwww.thealbumcafe.comProulx35 blogProulx60 blogwww.thealbumcafe.comProulx44 blog

Fynn {9.5 mths}

June 3, 2015

Oh my heavens this little girl is such a sweetie! Just look at those gorgeous eyes! :) I couldn’t wait to share some of my favourites, and believe me I had a hard time narrowing them down!

Can’t wait for our next session, enjoy the sneak peek!


www.thealbumcafe.comwww.thealbumcafe.comFynn326 blogFynn334 blogwww.thealbumcafe.comFynn340 blog