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What a gorgeous day Paige and Steve had for their special day! I am starting this blog post with a few collages to show just how much detail Paige and friends put into decorating the hall. I ran up the evening before to grab just a few detail images and literally gasped when I walked in the DenarePlex. Everything was just gorgeous so I knew I would have to share a few (and really these are just a few!) From the gorgeous head table, the wonderful decorations around the hall, and the little memorial for her Grandma Philomene (including a cake topper from her wedding) the hall was just spectacular! Paige also had some buttons from her Grandma Philomene’s wedding dress in her hair and in her bouquet. :)

Everyone started the day getting ready at Rockey View Lodge. The ceremony was at Bayside Campground overlooking the lake, and was just the perfect place for their ‘I DO’s”. After the family portraits, we headed out on our adventure! Paige and Steve wanted to go to a limestone quarry for some of their images, and I am glad we did! Such a unique backdrop for their formal portraits. Though by the looks of poor Paige’s arms at the reception we probably should have remembered to put on some sunscreen!! (ouch Paige!)

The supper was catered by Rockey View and was just scrumptious, and the party was in full swing by the time I headed home!

Paige and Steve, I wish you all the best and thank you once again for choosing me to capture the day! (and thank you for being patient with the blog post…been a hectic busy summer!)

Enjoy your sneak peek! :)


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