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So excited to share this sweet couples blog sneak peek! After a busy summer/fall season I am slowly catching up on my blog posts! (thank you guys for your patience!) The days following up to Leah and Kelvin’s big day were very wet to say the least. Even the drive into The Pas that morning had me worried but the forecast was that the rain would stop around lunch and SO IT DID! And it turned out to be a lovely day! The wedding was later in the day so we were able to do a lot of the images before the “I DO’S” including a first look series. The ceremony was held at the Carrot River Hall and oh my gosh, the hall was decorated absolutely stunningly! A beautiful country theme. After the ceremony we were able to get  a few more shots and came back to a scrumptious supper and a wonderful reception! Such a fun evening!  Because of the rain however some of the wonderful areas Leah and Kelvin wanted to use for images we were unable to use as they were too wet, SO we did an “after the big day” little session in September. Sharing some of my favourite shots from that session here as well.

Leah and Kelvin again congrats and we wish you all the best in your future! And thank you for having me capture you big day! Enjoy your sneak peek and will be in touch very soon! :)

Have a seat, grab a drink…beware its a long post! :) Enjoy!

_MG_0660 IMG_4718 IMG_4710 IMG_5043 IMG_4873 IMG_4894 gm IMG_4950 IMG_4944 gm IMG_4972 IMG_4974 gm IMG_4978 IMG_4984 IMG_5080 IMG_5087
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_MG_0693_MG_0696 _MG_0697 _MG_0698 _MG_0700 _MG_0706 _MG_0708 _MG_0709 IMG_5246 IMG_5250 IMG_5252 IMG_5256 IMG_5259_MG_0717 _MG_0718 IMG_5263 IMG_5269 IMG_5281 _MG_0737_MG_0759 _MG_0767 _MG_0792 _MG_0821 _MG_0858 _MG_0864 _MG_0895 _MG_0907

_MG_0882 luminous foundation_MG_0657 _MG_0662 _MG_1076 _MG_1069 _MG_1058 _MG_1022_MG_1094 _MG_1124 _MG_1117 _MG_1122 _MG_1084 _MG_1102 _MG_1110 _MG_1114 _MG_1115 _MG_1106 _MG_1088 _MG_1161 _MG_1189 _MG_1247 _MG_1254 _MG_1256 _MG_1265 _MG_1296 _MG_1301 _MG_1313 _MG_1321_MG_1092_MG_1091_MG_1359 _MG_1372 _MG_1388 _MG_1393 _MG_1396 _MG_1399 _MG_1413 _MG_1416 _MG_1426 _MG_1431 _MG_1432 _MG_1434 _MG_1445 _MG_1446 _MG_1451 _MG_1453 _MG_1460 _MG_1461 _MG_1508 _MG_1512 _MG_1516 _MG_1526 _MG_1527 _MG_1532 _MG_1065 _MG_0664 _MG_1570 _MG_1572 _MG_1578 _MG_1580_MG_1588 _MG_1585

And some from our “After the Big Day” session!

_MG_9935 _MG_9954 _MG_9975 _MG_9981 _MG_0117 ah _MG_0081 ah _MG_0069 ah _MG_0161 ah _MG_0124 ah _MG_0170 moon _MG_0272 gig _MG_0327 _MG_0393 bw _MG_0427 _MG_0445