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Excited to share this amazing couples wedding sneak peek! Thomas and Crystal exchanged their vows in an early ceremony at Rocky View Lodge in Denare Beach, SK. The day had started out a bit cloudy but quickly turned into a beautiful sunny day. After the “I Do’s” everyone enjoyed a bbq lunch on the deck, enjoying such a wonderful view of the lake. Guests were then whisked away for houseboat tour. We did a few different locations for the formal images and even ended up at the ball diamond! Had such fun and have so many favourites to share. The reception was back at Rocky View and supper was so scrumptious! Such a wonderful venue for a smaller intimate wedding. During the speeches, Crystal (and her girls) surprised Thomas (and guests) to a wonderful lip sync of Meghan Trainor’s  “Dear Future Husband” ! :)

I seriously had such an amazing day capturing Crystal and Thomas’s wedding! Thank you so much you guys, and hope you like your blog sneak peek! :) Be in touch soon!



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