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It’s FlashBack Friday! Or better known as time to share more on my blog! :)  I have had the pleasure of taking this sweet family’s portraits for two years now, and always so enjoy my short time with them. :) The girls are just adorable and always fun to see what we get!  The evening might have been one of the coldest fall sessions but they did an amazing job! Love how they turned out!

Sharing some favourites! Hope to see you again next year!


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So excited to share this blog post with you, not only because its way past due to share, but that means my blog is up and running again! :)

This beautiful couple had a small “secret”  intimate wedding Thanksgiving weekend in their backyard! :) And the day turned out just gorgeous! We did our couple images first before the guests started to arrive to find they were there for a wedding! The ceremony was set up so beautifully, and was just perfect!

Sharing some favourites! Thank you again Stacey and Cody!!! I am so happy to have captured your special day, and wish you all the best always! :)


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