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Now that Mr and Mrs Fox are home from their honeymoon, I couldn’t wait to post their wedding sneak peek! The day couldn’t have turned out any better for this stunning couple! The day had called for rain, rain and more rain but it turned out to stop mid morning just in time for the outdoor wedding they were dreaming of!!! Such a beautiful day it was. The girls were just beautiful, the boys so handsome and the day beamed LOVE!!! The ceremony took place at Bakers Narrows Lodge, with the bride and her Dad coming out of a set of doors Ryan had made especially for the big day. I have so many favourites to share, and found it so hard to narrow them down! From our trip up the tower, to the bridal party on the beach at the Lodge, we had so much great shots and fun! The reception tent was decorated so lovely by Divine Events, with so many wonderful details. Supper was scrumptious and the party was going strong when I left.

Congrats again Morgan and Ryan!!!! I am so happy the day went as you hoped, and I wish you all the best always! Be in touch soon!





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So excited to share Kayli and Shane’s Wedding Sneak Peek! The first wedding of the season for me! :) Such a beautiful day it was! The sun shone beautifully throughout their outside ceremony at Baker’s Narrows, and then began to rain right the first kiss as Mr and Mrs! The rain did continue (and boy did it rain for a bit) for awhile but the sun did come back out and we got some beautiful images of this lovely couple! They say rain on your wedding day is good luck! :) The reception was held at the Flin Flon Community Hall and was decorated so beautifully by Devine Events, and supper was just scrumptious by Chicken Chef! The couple’s first dance was just wonderfully done, and the party was going strong when I had left.

Congratulations again Mr and Mrs Cashin! :) Thank you for letting me capture your special day and all the best always! Be in touch soon!





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Another beautiful 2016 graduate! Excited to share Taylor’s Grad Sneak Peek! So many favourites it was hard to narrow them down! :)

Congrats again Taylor, and all the best in your future endeavours! :)


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So excited to share Todd’s Grad Sneak Peek! Had such a fun time with Todd and his family! We started the day with a few things Todd loves to do, seadooing and swimming! LOVE how these worked out! We then continued with our session, and had a couple fun “2016″ shots at the end!

Thank you for the fun afternoon everyone! Todd, congrats again and I wish you all the best in your future, I am sure you will accomplish so much! :)

Enjoy some favs!


_MG_4024 _MG_4031 _MG_4037 _MG_4068 _MG_4071 _MG_4075 _MG_4088 _MG_4091 _MG_4335 _MG_4344 _MG_4326 _MG_4331 _MG_4416 _MG_4419 _MG_4452 _MG_4463 _MG_4512 _MG_4562 _MG_4591 2 _MG_4611 _MG_4626 _MG_4644 2 _MG_4668 _MG_4683