Very excited to share this lovely couple’s wedding sneak peek! Sheri and Sean’s big day was a very beautiful intimate outdoor wedding at Bakers Narrows Lodge. We started with getting ready shots in the cabins and then had Sean wait for his lovely bride to come out for a “first look”. We then did some images  before the guests arrived.  The ceremony started with a little rain shower, but let off during the “I Do’s”.  Sheri and Sean had an amazing bbq supper and even had a Pit Master from Winnipeg who served amazing bbq ribs and chicken. SO yummy!!!! The evening continued with visiting and some dancing, along with fireworks and a bomb fire!

Thank you so much Sheri and Sean for letting me capture your special day. It was beautiful and your love beamed throughout the day and I hope you like your sneak peek!

Enjoy and Hugs!!!!


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