I am excited to share this adorable couple’s blog sneak peek! Tara-Lynn and Michael’s special day was so fun! The girls started getting hair done at The Mane Frame and then had a lunch before heading out to Bakers Narrow Lodge to get ready for the ceremony. We managed to get a few minutes in to visit the guys getting ready before the ceremony at Creighton Hall. What a beautiful ceremony it was. Even Finn (their dog) was a wonderful ring bearer! Michael and Tara-Lynn not only pledged their love for one another but also for their children Cally, Torie and Rylan. We had lots of fun touring around town for our formal pictures, and so many favourites to share!!!! Supper was scrumptious, and the  reception, as you can see was a blast! Lots of fun was being had by all!

Thank you again Tara-Lynn and Michael for having me capture your special day and I wish you the best always!  Enjoy your sneak peek and be in touch soon!
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