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So happy to share Rachelle and Blair’s wedding sneak peek today!  What a wonderful day for such a beautiful couple!  The girls spent the morning getting hair and makeup done at Urban Trendz hair salon, and all looked absolutely gorgeous! Such beautiful dresses, loved the different styles and colours! I really love that style for bridesmaids! The boys all looked so handsome, love the blue suits! The wedding ceremony was held at Creekside Park, such a lovely location to say “I Do”. The ceremony was so lovely! We got to do a few different locations for pictures and  just love how they turned out. The hall was decorated SO beautifully by Divine Events (beautiful job girls!!!!).  Supper was catered by Menno Giesbrecht and as always was scrumptious! Such a perfect day, and the Wayde from Amisk Sounds had the party going strong when we left! :)


Thank you again so much Rachelle and Blair for letting me capture your special day. I wish you all the best always! :) Enjoy your sneak peek!!!!


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Excited to share this sweet couples sneak peek! Sarah and Kris had a beautiful day for their wedding at Bakers Narrows Lodge. The day couldn’t have been more perfect! The outdoor ceremony was lovely, and the tent was decorated so beautifully for the reception. The couple even got to take a float plane ride before supper! How fun is that! There were many special moments that I am so happy I got to capture. The boys even decided that they needed a little dip just before I left!


Thank you again Sarah and Kris, and wish you so much happiness in the years to come!






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It’s FlashBack Friday! Or better known as time to share more on my blog! :)  I have had the pleasure of taking this sweet family’s portraits for two years now, and always so enjoy my short time with them. :) The girls are just adorable and always fun to see what we get!  The evening might have been one of the coldest fall sessions but they did an amazing job! Love how they turned out!

Sharing some favourites! Hope to see you again next year!


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Very excited to share this lovely couple’s wedding sneak peek! Sheri and Sean’s big day was a very beautiful intimate outdoor wedding at Bakers Narrows Lodge. We started with getting ready shots in the cabins and then had Sean wait for his lovely bride to come out for a “first look”. We then did some images  before the guests arrived.  The ceremony started with a little rain shower, but let off during the “I Do’s”.  Sheri and Sean had an amazing bbq supper and even had a Pit Master from Winnipeg who served amazing bbq ribs and chicken. SO yummy!!!! The evening continued with visiting and some dancing, along with fireworks and a bomb fire!

Thank you so much Sheri and Sean for letting me capture your special day. It was beautiful and your love beamed throughout the day and I hope you like your sneak peek!

Enjoy and Hugs!!!!


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I am always so humbled to have clients who would like me to travel to their big day! Kira and Taylor made a stunning couple on this wonderful summer day (HOT summer day but it was just gorgeous!) at Taylor’s family farm in Birch River, Mb. Such a gorgeous yard, and such a wonderful backdrop for their “I Do’s”. After the ceremony we did some pictures around the yard, had a photo bomber show up for the girls picture against the fence, and then we were off for a few locations. I’m so glad we stopped for some at the river in Swan. LOVE them! The reception was held in Swan River, and the hall was just gorgeous, and supper was scrumptious! The first dance was beautiful, and had some bubbles which added a nice touch to the images! For the bouquet toss, the flowers “disappeared” into the ceiling decorations and had to be rescued! First time I have seen that happen! :) The party was going strong when we left, as you can see from the dancing shots!

Kira and Taylor, thank you again for letting me capture your special day and I wish you all the best! Enjoy your sneak peek and be in touch soon!



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Brooke {babies}

July 18, 2015

Oh my goodness!!!! Ok, little biased here as this wee one is our niece’s adorable little angel, but ISN’T SHE JUST PRECIOUS???!!!!! Oh Miss Brooke is such a little doll!

Some favs from our morning together! :) Thanks for coming Alex, Andrew and baby Brooke! Hugs!


_MG_5836 blog_MG_5841 blogwww.thealbumcafe.com_MG_5999

Emma {newborn, 5 weeks}

July 18, 2015

Just look at how adorable little Emma is! Such a sweetheart! And big sister Myah is so good with her, we had fun doing her pictures too! :)

Some favourites from our session! Enjoy!


_MG_5653 blogwww.thealbumcafe.com_MG_5719

Very excited to share this beautiful grad’s sneak peek! Brianna looked so stunning in her dress, so lovely! :) The pearls are Great Grandma’s and her hair piece (octopus) was her Grandma’s broach. And look at my Matt all dressed up and looking so handsome! lol! Brianna congrats again girl! You have such a special place in our hearts and just know you will do amazingly in Winnipeg! :) Hugs!!!!!   _MG_5263_MG_5277_MG_5282_MG_5269_MG_5257_MG_5294_MG_5328 _MG_5331 _MG_5336_MG_5351 _MG_5349 _MG_5374 _MG_5364 _MG_5383 _MG_5394 _MG_5396 _MG_5399 _MG_5404 _MG_5413 _MG_5426 _MG_5429 _MG_5487

Doesn’t Alexandria look just gorgeous in her dress? The colours were just amazing! Such a beautiful girl! :) I really enjoyed our session together.

Congrats on your graduation Alexandria, hope you like your sneak peek and all the best in your future endeavours!



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Lucy {one year}

June 11, 2015

Awww, just look at this sweetheart! One year old already, where did the time go? I have so enjoyed watching her grow. We did a few inside studio shots and then did a few outside ones, that I am just loving! That last one however shows that when little one is done, session is over! Off she goes!

Enjoy the sneak peek! :)


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