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Another beautiful 2016 graduate! Excited to share Taylor’s Grad Sneak Peek! So many favourites it was hard to narrow them down! :)

Congrats again Taylor, and all the best in your future endeavours! :)


_MG_4794 _MG_4798 _MG_4813 _MG_4871 _MG_4877 _MG_4882 2 _MG_4776 _MG_4791 _MG_4922 _MG_4931 _MG_4957 2 _MG_4972 _MG_5041 _MG_5059 _MG_5060 _MG_5094 _MG_5123 _MG_5111 _MG_5132 _MG_5144 _MG_5167 _MG_5178 _MG_5188 _MG_5180

So excited to share Todd’s Grad Sneak Peek! Had such a fun time with Todd and his family! We started the day with a few things Todd loves to do, seadooing and swimming! LOVE how these worked out! We then continued with our session, and had a couple fun “2016″ shots at the end!

Thank you for the fun afternoon everyone! Todd, congrats again and I wish you all the best in your future, I am sure you will accomplish so much! :)

Enjoy some favs!


_MG_4024 _MG_4031 _MG_4037 _MG_4068 _MG_4071 _MG_4075 _MG_4088 _MG_4091 _MG_4335 _MG_4344 _MG_4326 _MG_4331 _MG_4416 _MG_4419 _MG_4452 _MG_4463 _MG_4512 _MG_4562 _MG_4591 2 _MG_4611 _MG_4626 _MG_4644 2 _MG_4668 _MG_4683

Megan {CCS Grad 2016}

June 23, 2016

I was so excited to be able to do Megan’s Grad pics! Just look at this stunning graduate, and that dress!!!! Just gorgeous! So glad we were able to do some studio and some outside too, and also with her grad escort too (and vehicles! lol!)

Congrats Megan again on your graduation, and all the best for your future endeavours.  :)


_MG_1134_1 _MG_1141_1 _MG_1149_1 _MG_1154_1 _MG_1179_1 _MG_1188_1 _MG_1194_1 _MG_1206_1 _MG_1216_1 _MG_1233_1 _MG_1250 2 _MG_1380_1 _MG_1376_1 _MG_1371_1 _MG_1331_1 _MG_1332_1 _MG_1342_1 _MG_1292_1 _MG_1295_1 _MG_1413_1 _MG_1427_1


Kylee {CCS Grad 2016}

June 23, 2016

Another graduate! CCS has some seriously amazing grads this year! Had a lot of fun with Kylee. And that dress!!!!! Just stunning!

Some favs from our session! Congrats again Kylee and all the best in your future! :)


_MG_0753 _MG_0761 _MG_0788 _MG_0795 _MG_0797 _MG_0806 _MG_0832 _MG_0850 _MG_0947 _MG_0952 _MG_0969 gm _MG_0980 _MG_0985 gm _MG_1008 _MG_1034 _MG_1014 gm _MG_1041 _MG_1053 _MG_1064 _MG_1091 _MG_1095

Very excited to share this beautiful grad’s sneak peek! Brianna looked so stunning in her dress, so lovely! :) The pearls are Great Grandma’s and her hair piece (octopus) was her Grandma’s broach. And look at my Matt all dressed up and looking so handsome! lol! Brianna congrats again girl! You have such a special place in our hearts and just know you will do amazingly in Winnipeg! :) Hugs!!!!!   _MG_5263_MG_5277_MG_5282_MG_5269_MG_5257_MG_5294_MG_5328 _MG_5331 _MG_5336_MG_5351 _MG_5349 _MG_5374 _MG_5364 _MG_5383 _MG_5394 _MG_5396 _MG_5399 _MG_5404 _MG_5413 _MG_5426 _MG_5429 _MG_5487

Doesn’t Alexandria look just gorgeous in her dress? The colours were just amazing! Such a beautiful girl! :) I really enjoyed our session together.

Congrats on your graduation Alexandria, hope you like your sneak peek and all the best in your future endeavours!



_MG_4941_MG_4935_MG_4988_MG_4975_MG_4969_MG_4998 gm_MG_5012 gm_MG_5032_MG_5051_MG_5052_MG_5029_MG_5071_MG_5068_MG_5060_MG_5085_MG_5129_MG_5126

I am so excited to share these! :) Steph looked so amazing in her grad suit and I am so glad we got to do some before the ceremony. So glad Brianna was able to come too! Had fun doing these!

Congrats again on your grad Steph and all the best on your future endeavours! Be in touch soon!

_MG_3632_MG_3637_MG_3639_MG_3644_1_MG_3621_MG_3624_MG_3628_MG_3646 _MG_3653 _MG_3662 _MG_3677 _MG_3680 _MG_3716 _MG_3721 _MG_3722_MG_3712

Just look at this gorgeous graduate! Doesn’t Kaylee look absolutely stunning? We had such fun at her grad session and couldn’t wait to share her sneak peek! Today she walked across that stage to receive her high school diploma and now has the world ahead of her. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours Kaylee!

Some favs from our studio session, will be posting more as we are going to do some outside too! :)

Enjoy your evening tonight Kaylee and Congrats!


Kaylee01_1 Kaylee04_1 Kaylee10_1 Kaylee12_1 Kaylee17_1 Kaylee19_1 Kaylee22_1Kaylee25_1 Kaylee27_1 Kaylee28_1Kaylee37_1 Kaylee41_1 Kaylee43_1 Kaylee50_1 Kaylee55_1 Kaylee56_1

12 years of school seems to have passed in the blink of an eye! It seems like only yesterday we put her on her first bus ride to kindergarten, and oh how I cried! And now she is a Graduate ready for the next chapter of her life to begin. And  yes I cried when she walked across that stage, and when she did her valedictorian speech, and many other parts of the evening too!

We are so proud of this girl, she worked so hard this year and know that she will do amazing in her future endeavours. Its going to be hard to let her go, but we know she will strive for excellence.

Some favourites to share, and we are planning another outdoor session when we have more time! (and less army worms around too, lol!)

Taylor, we love you so much (our sweet “PotterHead”) , so so proud of all your accomplishments and good luck on your exams this week! :)





Max {Hapnot Grad 2014}

June 27, 2014

Had such fun with Max and family at his Grad session! Love the yellow vest/boutonniere! Even Max’s nephew came for a few with his uncle! We did a couple fun ones, but I get a kick out of the “skittles” catch shot, as you can see it didn’t quite hit Max’s mouth but almost up the nose! lol! And Mom wanted a  “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” image. The strangling sibling shot is a fav, lol!

Congrats Max, hope you had a good time at Grad last night and all the best in your future endeavors!